Training Calendar

Please find below, our open course schedule.

Packaged courses are available on demand and tailor-made to your organization’s specific needs.

Managing Organizational Stress

July 10-12

Designed to arm leaders with tools to recognize stressors and coordinate appropriate stress responses in their organizations.


Workplace Safety workshop

July 17-19

Workplace Safety workshop.


Health and Productivity Training Program

July 24-26

Designed to help the workforce establish an optimal balance between life aspirations, career pursuits and good health, without which no other pursuit will be feasible.


Food Handlers’ Training Workshop

July 30-31

Designed to train food handlers in proper procedures to prevent the occurrence of food-borne illness.


Customer Service Training in Healthcare Delivery

August 1-3

Designed to train healthcare delivery teams on essential customer service skills.


Child Injury Prevention Program

August 6-7

Designed to equip child care givers with the skills for ensuring child safety and preventing injury.


HR Managers Wellness and Productivity Training

August 8-10

Equipping HR Managers with tools to recognize, mitigate and deal with job stress, while harmoniously balancing productivity and optimal health.


Drivers’ Health and Productivity Workshop

August 14-15

Designed to assess, re-calibrate and positively impact on the health of drivers in the organization.


First Aid & Emergency Preparedness

July 16-17

Training company staff in first response to emergencies and understanding of life-saving procedures.