Occupational Health and Safety Services

This course set assists in identifying, determining, and navigating the hazards that abound in various work environments. It also treats the occurrence of accidents and how to ameliorate the effects of accidents, what to do in emergency situations, as well as ergonomic issues

Health Promoting Workplace Program

According to the World Health Organization, workplace hazards are responsible for a significant proportion of the incidence of several major non-communicable diseases, including 37% of back pain, 16% of hearing loss, 13% of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, 11% of asthma, 10% of injuries, 10% of lung cancers and 2% of leukaemias. This data shows that the workplace represents an important nexus for the realization of health.
The need for Health Promoting Workplaces has never been greater. Your company can become one. Maximize staff motivation and productivity. Give Health Promotion the place it deserves in your company today. From Work-Life Balance, to Risk Assessment, to Fire Safety, to Prepaid Medicare, to Ergonomic Audit and design and much more, we are your one-stop company for all the Health Promoting Workplace Initiative needs in your firm.

Stress Audit, Stress Prevention, and Stress Management Services

Stress (Stressors and the consequent stress response) represent a potential danger for ill health and diminished productivity. Using cutting edge tools, materials, and techniques, our certified and qualified personnel will arm you with the know-how to face stress head-on and live everyday with zest and energy to accomplish your goals.